• Amazing snorkeling in the Cenotes

Tulum cenote and reef snorkeling tours

Besides scuba diving in the beautiful reefs in Tulum or exploring the cenotes, you can also experience and enjoy these places without the necessity of being a diver.

Dive Shop Tulum offers guided reef snorkeling tours, where you will be amazed with the colorful caribbean reefs, natural coral formations which are home of uncountable marine creatures.

If you are seeking for a unique and truly different experience, snorkeling in the cenotes is what you are looking for. Cenotes are distributed in the Mayan Junlge, they are fresh water sink holes with incredible geological formations, such us stalactites and stalagmites, surronding by the jungle.

The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed and the water conditions to snorkel and swim can be better, with ultra super visibility, calm waters and no currents make these cenotes the perfect spot to explore - unique wonders in the world.

If there are divers and snorkelers in your party or family, you can enjoy the day together, while divers are inmersed in a fascinating under water world, snorkelers can also enjoy these magical under water rivers.

During summer season (June to mid Sept) we are blessed with the whale sharks close encounter in the north of the Yucatan peninsula. Do not miss this unique snorkeling and swimming trip, 100% guaranteed - you will not find this opportunity any other place in the world.

snorkel in Tulum reefs
snorkel in cenotes in Tulum