• Scuba dive with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen

    Fly the sea - Drift dives in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel

Diving Playa del Carmen and Cozumel

Diving Playa del Carmen reefs

Playa del Carmen is only about 50 minutes from Tulum, its reefs belong to the second largest barrier reef in the world. There are dive sites for all levels of experience.
One of the most famous dive is Turtle reef, an easy and gently drift dive among sea turtles.
Playa del Carmen Dive Sites: from south to north: Punta Venado - Mama Viña (wreck dive) - Tortuga - Barracuda - Sabalos - Jardines - Shangrila - Chunzumbul - Cuevita Pargo - Mocche - Mocche deep - Green Wall - Los Arcos and Cerebros.
During winter season enjoy an extreme dive, Bull Shark dive in Playa del Carmen, free with them without cages !

Diving Cozumel reefs

World wide famous due to its coral formations and dramatic walls. Cozumel´s National marine Park is another diving option to consider if you are staying in Tulum. It is only for certified divers.
Cozumel island is located just in front of Playa del Carmen town, you only need to catch the ferry, and enjoy the ride through the caribbean waters !
Cozumel is a big island and has many different dive sites like Palancar gardens - Santa Rosa Wall - Paso del Cedral - Punta Tunich - Tormentos - Paradise - Chankanaab - etc
Non divers are welcome aboard as well, while you are diving the second largest barrier reef, your buddy/s can go snorkeling and discover 2 different reefs ! sharing the trip on the same boat.

Playa del Carmne and Cozumel reef map

sea turtle diving in Playa del Carmen
splendid toad fish in Cozumel
green moray in Playa del Carmen reefs